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The Western Division Laboratories and Horizon Laboratory are providing notification that we have a new online specimen information catalog for accurate specimen collection. This site will go live effective December 12, 2017.


We encourage the deletion of all other links / favorites to specimen requirement information.


This new link is found at


For easy access, please open this link and save it to your favorites bar or your desktop.

The Horizon Laboratories are committed to providing similar information as in the past. A few notes:

  • Type in a few letters of the requested test in the search field. This is a comprehensive test list performed at Banner facilities. Try an alternative name if it is not displayed on first attempt.
  • If you are unable to find a test after this search attempt, click on the Quest Diagnostics Test Catalog link on the right-hand upper corner. This will take you to Quest Diagnostics comprehensive test list.
  • All other NoCo laboratory information is located under the NoCo Laboratories, i.e., links to Horizon Lab or Donor Center, contact phone numbers, critical value list, supply order forms and many other items.

For questions or concerns regarding this new site, please contact laboratory staff at any NoCo Laboratory.

NCMC Laboratory: 970-810-6400                                            BFCMC Laboratory: 970-820-4345

McKee Laboratory: 970-820-4133                                            Horizon Laboratory: 970-820-6919