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Test Code Urinalysis, microscopic if indicated, reflex to culture when indicated/UAC Urinalysis, microscopic if indicated, reflex to culture when indicated

Important Note

  • If a physician wants microscopic examination irregardless of dipstick results order: Urinalysis, with mandatory microscopic/UAM/I or Urinalysis, with mandatory microscopic, relex to culture if indicated/UAM.
  • If physician wants a culture if indicated order UAC "Urinalysis, microscopic if indicated, reflex to culture when indicated".
  • If specimen is grossly bloody or viscous test will be canceled and UA "Urinalysis (UA), Routine will be ordered.

Specimen Type


Specimen Required

Collection Container/Tube:

Preferred:  Clean, plastic urine container

Acceptable:  Urine preservative tube

Specimen Volume:   10 mL

Collection Instructions:

  • If urine preservative tube is sent, the primary specimen or Gray top C & S Urine tube (minimum volume 3 ml) must also be sent if culture is ordered or indicated.
  • Collect a random urine specimen. Maintain sterility
  • Specimen must arrive within 60 minutes of collection
  • If longer than 60 minutes before analysis, store at 2°-8°C.

Specimen Minimum Volume

3.0 mL

Specimen Stability



Specimen Type





1 hour



24 hours

Urine Preservative Tube


72 hours

Urine C & S tube


48 hours


Reject Due To










Day(s) Test Set Up

Monday through Sunday; Continuously

Reference Values

iChem Dispstick

Color:  yellow

Clarity:  clear

Bilirubin:  negative

Blood:  negative
Glucose:  negative

Leukocyte esterase:  negative
Ketones:  negative

Nitrates:  negative
pH:  5.0-9.0
Protein:  negative

Specific gravity:  1.000-1.040

Urobilinogen:  negative


IQ200 Elite Microscopic System (if applicable)
WBC:  0-5

RBC:  0-2

Squamous Epithelial cells:  0-5

Hyaline Casts: 0-2


iChem Velocity Strips. Includes specimen type, color, clarity, bilirubin, blood, glucose, leukocyte esterase, nitrates, pH, protein, urobilinogen.

IQ200 Elite Microscopy System


Note: 1. If dipstick is positive for blood, leukocyte esterase, nitrates, or protein a microscopic examination of the urine will be performed.

2. If dipstick is positive for leukocyte esterase, nitrates, or >5 WBC a  "Culture, Urine" will be performed at an additional charge.

3.If patient is ≤ 2 years old order "Urinalysis, microscopic if indicated/UA/I" or "Urinalysis, with madatory microscopic/UAM/I", order urine culture separately.

Performing Laboratory

North Colorado Medical Center, Urinalysis Dept.

Test Classification and CPT Coding

81001 - urinalysis, with microscopy (if applicable)

81003 - urinalysis, without microscopy (if applicable)

87086 - culture (if applicable)

87077 - bacterial definitive identification per organism (if applicable)

87088 - bacterial presumptive identification, per organism (if applicable)
87186 - MIC, per organism (if applicable)